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How old are you? I ________

_________ you speak more slowly, please ?

London is the capital of the United ________ .

I'll wait for you _________.

I love _________ abroad.

I am so ____________. I need to eat something.

Where _______ you from? – Australia.

I live ______ Los Angeles.

How ____ you spell your name, please? – R-I-C-H-A-R-D.

They _______ go to the cinema.

My sister ______ born on the 1st of April 1995.

Is this a small city? – No, it's ______ big.

English is a lot _________ than French.

_____ she work here for a long time?

My book costs $100! It's _______

He usually ________ at 7am.

How _______ does this cost?

Do your parents live here? -Yes, that's ______ house over there.

This lesson is too ________. Could you help me?

Yesterday, I _______ to the restaurant with my friend.