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I'm looking forward _____________ him.

Yesterday, I was so upset that I __________ sleep...

If I had known, I ___________ you!

You _____________ eat healthily if you don't want to put on weight.

I ___________ him for ages!

This man speaks a lot of ___________ languages, Chinese, Spanish, French, etc.

How _______________ is it from here? Only 1 mile.

I ________ drink beer than wine.

You can stay ___________ you remain quiet.

They ____________ right now.

Listening to podcasts while driving allows me to ____________________

I have been studying English _______ 5 years.

My colleague has been on holiday for two weeks and now she needs to _______________

Stop ___________ that! It's not true.

If we hadn't missed our flight __________ by the pool right now.

Take extreme care ____________ this bottle.

______________ I had known this was going to be so boring, I would never have come.

Let's call him. He ______________ for us.

The penguin _____________ the only species able to survive in such conditions

I don't mind _______________ with you.

Tomorrow, I ____________ to do any sport.

I love swimming. _________________

I _____________ to go skiing with my parents but now I go on my own.

They'd learn the language quite quickly if they lived in the country, _________________?

I'm so ____________. I don't feel like doing anything today...