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If I could I ___________ more often.

When I __________ rich, I'll buy a new house by the beach.

I am tempted, but I feel it may be inappropriate to ____________.

Did you remember _______________ off the heat before we left?

Have you found a job __________?

This is my ____________

She has two sisters but she doesn't speak to _____________ of them.

The gas station is 10 miles ___________.

I'd like to _____________ for the job, do you have a form for me?

You're so _____________ in that dress! Are you going out on a date?

You shouldn't believe what this guy says. He isn't ______________ at all.

I'm so busy right now...I'll probably go on holiday _________________.

I have ______________. I'm getting married!

This girl is so funny. She _____________.

I'm afraid we'll have to _____________ our appointment. I won't be available tomorrow as planned. Wh

When I came home, my husband ________________.

He is ____________ travelling throughout Asia.

It's hard to study _________________ I want.

No way?! It's already 8pm?! ___________.

Mum, could you help me? No, I have other __________ to fry!